Sara and Matt

I’m so excited to share this slideshow with you! Sara and Matt’s wedding was so much fun and we were able to really have fun and without much stress! Enjoy!


Nicole and Nick

This was a super fun wedding and truly one of a kind! You see Nick is one of the creative geniuses over at True Shot Studios (seriously, hire them for cinematography!) and so the wedding game was strong with this one! Nicole and Nick decided to get married at Barnacopia in Polo, IL and it’s a truly unique venue they also had food trucks as their caterer, how amazingly cool is that?! And the ceremony had us all laughing AND crying! The night ended with some fireworks and sparklers!

Amelia and Kathryn

Amelia and Kathryn got married at Greenhouse Loft in Chicago and it was perfect! I can’t even describe how much fun I had at this wedding and I felt like I was one of their friends! They’re both so warm and kind and fun. These images though are some of my all time favorites! And the dance party was so amazing!


Chelsie and Jack

Ok, for 2016 I’ve promised not to get behind in my blogging (things are still active on facebook though for everyone there!). I’m getting back to slideshows to show a bit more of the day as well! Chelsie and Jack’s wedding was a ton of fun and I loved being a part of it! Their friends and family are spectacular! We had a lot of fun and I think the pictures show that! Their wedding was at Baker Memorial in St. Charles with the reception at Fisherman’s Inn and each venue was perfect!

Until next time!