Lori and Bill

Whew, I spent the last 2 months really focused on editing and getting people their images so of course that means that the blog and such kind of fell behind (but getting images out was so much more important!) Lori and Bill’s wedding wasn’t the traditional type but it was sweet and loving (and I may have cried too but shhhh). All my clients have amazing friends and family and you can really feel the love whenever you’re in the room and Lori and Bill were no different!

Rachel and Ben

I’m so excited to finally share this wedding with you! I’ve been extremely busy and then was dealing with some tech issues at my house so I’m playing extreme catch up! Either way, Rachel and Ben’s wedding was SO MUCH FUN. Who doesn’t love sweet families and friends AND legos at the tables as the centerpieces?!

Joanna and Justin

This was such a fun wedding to be at! I almost didn’t want to leave because the party kept going and was so much fun! I love when there’s that energy especially at the end of the night! Either way, Joanna and Justin’s wedding was perfect and beautiful!


Mallory and Lee

Mallory and Lee were the first wedding of my crazy schedule so they have been waiting so very patiently while I play catch up and not get too far behind! We had a blast going around the city and their wedding was just gorgeous! But don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!