Fun in the backyard

So I decided to go out and shoot some outdoor photos with the new camera. I’m working on getting my shutter situation fixed, but that requires reading the manual (who does that?!) So I’m working on it…but for now, enjoy!

Some Photoshopping

Isn’t it funny how Photoshop has become a verb? Kind of like google! I guess that’s what you get with an awesome piece of software that will really help adjust photos. The below are not taken by me but rather adjusted. A friend had some wedding photos done and didn’t like them so she asked if I could edit. So here’s a few of my favorite transformations!

Before: After:

Before: After: (this one is really stunning in B&W)

Don’t they look sharp in this one?

Before: After: (I love the softness of this one! She really looks glowing)

I did some of the more standard B&W, Sepia stuff too, but on others I used more layering techniques to make the pictures more soft and muted. But here’s a taste! Thanks Gia!


again, these were not taken by me – only edited.

July 23, 2008 - 4:01 pm

mamakrystal - Gia is so beautiful!!!!!!!

First Post in New Blog!

Hello everyone!

Since I’ve decided to embark out on my new photography adventure, I figured I would blog my way through. I’ll post pictures and stories and other related events.

I named it Karatography because it’s the world through my eyes (Kara + Photography = Karatography). My interpretation of life’s moments through a lens and a camera. Don’t worry, being the communication person I am, I realize there will be a lot of external influences that alter my perception such as the different people I take pictures of and hopefully the result will be a reflection of their personalities.

Right now I have a few engagement sessions scheduled and a boudoir session as well! I’m working on some wedding opportunities! My friends and family are my prime subjects right now, so I thank them for their patience and willingness to let me take their picture! I’m also well versed in Adobe products so editing will be easy. My camera is a Nikon D300 and I love it! I may in an upcoming post show my point-and-shoot work while on vacation.

Until next time,