8.15.08 Danielle and Benny

I had the pleasure to photograph Danielle and Benny’s big day!  After 9 years of courtship, they decided to take the plunge with a few close family members in tow.  They already have a beautiful family and beautiful spirits!  I couldn’t just pick a few photos, so I choose a lot and there was a party the next day that will require it’s own posting!  So from here, enjoy!

going to get married…

Searching for rings:

She didn’t want to get her dress dirty!

Cutest picture.  Ever.

I love this one.

One thing I learned this weekend: cell phones = happy kids!

We headed to a local restaurant for dinner!

The end.

Coming editions: The Party.

Until next time,


August 20, 2008 - 3:52 pm

Krystal - great job again…the last pic is sooo cool. Nice camera angles in all your pics…I wish you were here in So. Cal!!!

Meghan and Cassondra’s Kids

On Saturday I went out to do a shoot with Meghan and Cassondra’s kids.  Photographing kids can be tough for sure, but we got a lot of good images out!  You have to be quick with the shutter to catch the moments correctly!  Even during some rough times and some fruit-snack-pacifying I think it went well!  Here’s a sample of some of my favorites that I’ve edited quickly.

This one is by far my favorite from the day:

next time: wedding pictures…get excited!


August 19, 2008 - 9:49 pm

Krystal - Awesome job, your eye is magnificent!! Overall really cute shots…love all these kiddie pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So I went down to the train tracks (we of course live on the good side, I like to think 😉 to take some pictures. And lucky me, a train came! I have very few because I was working on getting used to my macro wide angle lens, still working on it. Enjoy!

Until next time,


August 11, 2008 - 9:42 pm

Gia - uber cool. I’ve seen pics with the ‘lines’ on a moving machine and wondered about that. (thumbs up)

Wicked Storm

So last night we got hit by a pretty bad storm. Luckily for me, it did some cool things with the sky. And these are the actual colors of the sky! Wish I was joking but halfway through taking these I thought, “this probably isn’t good” and moved inside.

Hope you enjoyed 🙂


August 5, 2008 - 5:47 pm

Giavana - wow…at first I thought you were playing around with the colors. dang that was beautiful although probably dangerous huh? GREAT shots again Madam Kara!

Flowers and more

Ok, here’s for my weekly updated blog, if not daily! I haven’t retouched a lot of these, except for the last few. You’ll find my husband’s baby (the weber grill) because well, I had to get a shot of it! I’m really getting good at post production, getting things done in a few minutes there and I’m getting good at exposure. Wahoo! Enjoy.

Saturday’s sky was gorgeous! Perfect for grilling.

We’re not sure if this is an actual plant or a weed, anyone know?

The following pictures were during a walk, I loved this giant bush and had so many great photo ops!!

This one is my favorite!

When was the last time you saw some of these?!

Love the orange.

Until next time…

August 4, 2008 - 5:08 pm

mamakrystal - BEAUTIFUL! Love the vibrant flower pic, the colors just pop. It’s a beautiful fuschia!