Monthly Archives: December 2012

Liz and George

Liz and George’s wedding was very different from what my usual wedding is but it was a blast nonetheless! They hadView full post »

Sarah and Brian

Sarah and Brian are awesome. And I have to admit, I cried more than once during their wedding day! They were bothView full post »

Sara and Joe

Sara and Joe were married at one of my favorite places, Arrowhead! I love how awesome they are there and they reallyView full post »

Erin and Wael

Erin and Wael had their second wedding that I got to photograph! Their first one was in Egypt where they both live now!View full post »

Kate and Richard

Kate and Richard’s wedding took me to Wisconsin for their lovely day! We had a lot of fun and they were completelyView full post »

Kristen and Gus

Kristen and Gus’s wedding was so much fun! I know I say that a lot but I mean it every single time! Each weddingView full post »

Emily and John

Emily and John had a semi-destination wedding at the Eagle Ridge Resort in Galena, IL! It was a blast to go out thereView full post »

Lauren and Jim

I’m so behind on posting slideshows! So now you will have lots to look at while you’re at work! TheView full post »

Jaci and Wayne

This one is going to be a doozy but I’m sure that no one minds the extra pictures! I’m so very excited toView full post »

Mel and Joe

As you see, I’ve been a busy bee, not just with weddings but with family shoots and other stuff that I do butView full post »

Anna and Ethan and a gaggle of dogs

I’m going to write this short because I don’t have much time! A screaming child at my feet but I NEED to getView full post »