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don’t know much about the french I took…

but I do know that I love, and I know that if you love me too, what a wonderful world this would be… Enjoy yourView full post »

Holiday Open House!

After an overwhelming response on Facebook about having this, I’m going forward with it! What: Holiday Open HouseView full post »

Goodbye Photographic Prints, Hello Fine Art Prints

I’m saying goodbye to photographic prints and saying hello to fine art prints. It was an easy decision once I sawView full post »

dog sitting is fun…

I’ve been meaning to blog about this adventure (well that’s what we’ll call it) all summer. We gotView full post »

In Love: Matt and Erika

Oh Matt and Erika’s wedding was fun to say the least! With 2 of my other clients in the wedding party, we had aView full post »

Falling: Peggy and Eric

Peggy and Eric are a blast to be around! They’re so much fun, always laughing and it was more like I was walkingView full post »

In Love: Mona and Chandu

Mona and Chandu found me just a few months before their wedding day! Mona said one of the best compliments I could everView full post »

In Love: Soledad and Kurt

It seems just like the other day that I met Soledad and Kurt to do their engagement pictures! But here I am postingView full post »

Falling: Megan and Rich part 2!

did you miss the fabulous part 1? It was a picnic! Part 2 is more along the lines of a more traditional one of myView full post »

Falling: Megan and Rich

Part 1! This is part one of two obviously, this is the picnic portion of our shoot. I had always wanted to do a picnicView full post »

Erika and Matt

Just a couple for when they go on their honeymoon! It was a ton of fun and I got to see 2 other couples that haveView full post »

Falling: Brooke and Kevin

This was a fun session for me and it just happens that I love talking with Brooke and Kevin (which was proved byView full post »