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It’s Kristen’s turn now!

So me and Kristen (of Kio Kreations) are working on a project (which is going to be completely amazing by the way!) andView full post »

Cathy and Tom – The Story

So I always feel like I love slideshows more than just a few pictures on the blog, they really tell what’s goingView full post »

Cathy and Tom – just a few

I’m working on their slideshow that will be up tomorrow, but had a little break to put this up as I didn’tView full post »

Wedding Speeches!

I’ve been asked to write several articles for Get Weddy Chicago and one of them was about speeches. Not only do IView full post »

Well look at that…

Have you seen the new button that just popped up? Yep, it’s a boudoir tab! So now instead of blogging all of itView full post »

Shannon and Matt – An Afterword Session

So remember back when I said that I was doing these new Afterword Sessions? And I’m happy to say that Shannon andView full post »

I couldn’t resist…

Just one from yesterday’s wedding with Cathy and Tom, it was so much fun, their bridal party was a riot and CathyView full post »


Ok, so I totally realized I NEVER posted the results of the drawings from my opening giveaway! So here they are finallyView full post »

Meet Kuba and Scooby

No, they’re not a wedding couple, they’re dogs!  And Kuba was still a puppy, yep, puppy!  St. Bernards areView full post »

May Boudoir Date!

It’s already halfway through April, can you believe it?!  So it’s about time I announce the May boudoirView full post »

Jenean and Erich

It’s so nice to be able to shoot again and not have my finger fall off! Jenean and Erich are getting married nextView full post »

The Tatertot

Wow!  My nephew Tate is already 7 months old!  And after seeing these pictures, 7 months is a FUN age.  Laying,View full post »

Working on growing up

Mister Collin is already 3 months old! I can’t believe it and I’m sure his parents can’t either!View full post »

April Boudoir Update!

I only have a few spots left for April’s boudoir marathon on the 25th! The times I have are 4 and 5:30 other thanView full post »