Accessories Galore!

Oh how I love love love accessories!  I love pearls and long necklaces, I also love asymmetrical necklace designs too!  I also love shoes, I’m a shoe-aholic!

Let’s start with the reception.  I love when couples do things that are unique to them!  Like cookies in the shape of their favorite Chicago Blackhawks and table names to follow!  Photo guestbooks filled with their engagement pictures are also high on my list!  A groom’s cake surprise!  Cake stands are also very cool and dramatic!  And anything that shows the personalities of the couple and occasion, for example, Traycie and Jason’s NYE wedding had a themed cake!  What a great idea!  I also love when couples use family photographs of previous weddings, it’s always fun to see!

Special touches are always fun too.  Like having a music themed reception when the husband is a musician!  Putting your names and dates on the bottom of your shoes (I was there also gluing tiny rhinestones on the bottom of my shoes for my “something blue”!), gifts are also fun for each of the couples!  Crazy card boxes that really show your personality and using pinatas (apparently that’s what happens when you leave getting a card box to the groom!) or even an ice cream truck on a hot day!  Visiting your favorite stadium for pictures (or even stopping by your favorite bar!).  Other things that make your wedding day special and personal, like having a brick engraved where you’re getting married, a wine box ceremony, or including your furmonster into the ceremony (this I love and would’ve done!)

I also love funky shoes!  Look at these fabulous ones!  Some shoes even inspired the entire day!  I also love veils with lace, cute flower accessories when the veil comes off that is still there, and birdcage veils are so much fun!

I love when girls have great accessories with their dresses, between sashes and great locations to hang your dress (tip: always keep the room clean where you’re getting ready, it’ll be easier to leave the location since everything will have it’s place and we won’t have to spend time cleaning up!).  Also, I looooooove colored bouqets for the bride.  The color just pops against the white dress and even if it’s just a touch of color with white, that’s really pretty too!

I love when girls wait to get ready when I’m there!  I love that they wait to put on the jewelry until the last minute.  You always get great shots of earrings being put on or a friend, sister or mom helping!

Onto where to get some of these awesome accessories!  I love perusing around White Aisle.  Here’s a few of my personal favorites and the good news is…they’re affordable accessories!!!  (note, images are from white aisle, not me).  I love some crystal and pearl combination’s but that’s my personal style, unfortunately I can’t wear most silver since I’m allergic to nickel, so some of the earrings may not work personally for me but I’d love to wear them!  I love bracelets and dramatic earrings if there’s no necklace.

Etsy is also a wonderful place for handmade items for your wedding day!  So search around!  But if you don’t want to search, the store heknowsmyname is fabulous and affordable too!   (these are their pictures…not mine 🙂  And their website is to launch in march at

I just love the flowers in their shop!  AND they do custom orders!

I LOVE these organza flowers!  They’d be lovely for spring, early summer weddings!

Feather fascinators are huge these days and I love those too!  Ah so many great accessories but they all may not work together!  So go ahead and embrace your style and the overall feeling of your wedding!  Don’t be scared to do something a bit different for your ceremony and reception!


February 26, 2010 - 1:45 pm

Leeann Marie - Great idea to cover all of these fun details! As always, I love the choices in shoes 🙂

March 3, 2010 - 1:34 am

Kay - Hi there,
Thanks for your posting and your complimentary words 😀
Only one thing is missing… we didn’t open it yet, but website will be

Happy Getting Ready!
XO, Heknowsmyname

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