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Random Friday

I really didn’t have an idea of what I wanted to write about today in this post so it’s going to be a bitView full post »

Accessories Galore!

Oh how I love love love accessories!  I love pearls and long necklaces, I also love asymmetrical necklace designs tooView full post »

The Isabelle – being lazy as usual

It’s felt like forever since I’ve blogged about Isabelle!  Next week there will be a grand post as she&#View full post »

Inside the mind of Kara

So this post is just for funsies.  Why not get to know me a little better?   So you need to know my painting playlistView full post »

Let’s talk timelines!

I often get a lot of requests about timelines and how to form them!  I usually end up working with my brides one on oneView full post »


Ok, so I have a love for exclamation points, and I think I actually talk like that too but this requires caps lock andView full post »

The First Look – let’s debate!

One of the biggest debates among my couples is usually whether or not to do a first look.  The first look is not forView full post »

2009 engagements for my 2010 couples!

And now I bring you a lovely assortment of the majority of my 2010 couples! I only have a few left to get in beforeView full post »

Mister Collin

I was supposed to go and photograph Collin’s entry into the world but he and mother nature had other plans! He wasView full post »

Boudoir Blowout Update!

I thought I’d give you a little update on my boudoir blowout coming up next month!! March will be here before youView full post »

Another best of! 2009 couples and their engagement sessions!

Ok, I’m breaking this into 2 posts, 2009 weddings and 2010 weddings and their engagement sessions!  It was a funView full post »

Winner winner!

WOW is all I can say! Over THREE THOUSAND votes! 3,238 to be correct! I was afraid my server was going to crash with theView full post »