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Engagement – Kim and Mike

So Kim and Mike were my 2nd engagement session for Saturday!  They were a bunch of fun and I have too many picturesView full post »

Engagement – Heidi and Jon

My weekend was crazy. If I seem a bit out of it or a bit loopy, I’m still recovering. And yes, it’s ThursdayView full post »

Ten on what I thought was Tuesday

1.  Yep, I’m a culprit who thought that today was Tuesday.  Memorial day really messed me up! 2.  Comment onView full post »

Small peak – Lori and Dan

As you’ve noticed, I’m going to be doing small peaks then big slideshows.  It’s a new trend 🙂 LoriView full post »

Happy Birthday to ME!

So Saturday was my birthday and I directed people to my blog, um yeah, I didn’t spend one minute or second near anView full post »

Engagement – Sarika and Manish Part Duex.

So if you’ve seen my sample albums, their first engagement session is one because they were just fun!  I want toView full post »

Little Miss C

So remember a few weeks back that maternity post?  Yep, this is that baby!  She was a doll to work with and only 7View full post »

Engagement – Anthony and Rebecca

So the day turned out beautiful after our reschedule because of the rain and my poor foot (and yes, my foot is betterView full post »

10 on errr….Wednesday!

1.  Sorry it’s Wednesday and not Tuesday, but I was getting caught up a bit yesterday!  YAY! 2.  Boudoir datesView full post »

5.3.09 – Dana and Dan

Ok Ok, that took me way too long but I had some technical difficulties!  Enjoy!  Kar Dan and Dana had a spectacularView full post »

Smallest Sneak Peek ever…Dan and Dana

Ok Ok, lay off, I know, it’s a SMALL sneak peek, but I have some big plans for this later this week 😉  I’View full post »

10 on Tuesday

1.  sorry if I’ve been spastic, WE GOT A PUPPY ON FRIDAY! 2.  We got her from a rescue, you should do similarView full post »

10 on Tuesday

1.  Woot, I remembered and got it in on time!  May is insane for me, so if I take a day or two to respond to an emailView full post »

maternity pictures and family session

Everyone remember Saturday?  Yeah, it was rainy.  All day!  And cloudy and just didn’t seem like it would perkView full post »