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Wordy Wednesday?

Spinoff of 10 on Tuesday!   Sorry, didn’t get to it yesterday, I was WAY too busy and am very tired!  If you&#View full post »

4.18.09 – Lauren and Kevin

So this was a fun wedding, little did I know it was going to be a HUGE wedding until a few weeks before!  So I calledView full post »

10 on Tuesday and winners!

1. Thanks for all the readership this Sunday, just hoped more of you would comment! Come on, I’m giving away freeView full post »

The post you’ve been waiting for….Boudoir Marathons!

Ok, I know, I promised this last week, but my office is getting a total rehaul and I was getting yelled at for notView full post »

Off to dinner giveaway!

Ok, we’re heading out the door to the small french restaurant we got engaged at (and with a bypass at IKEA to seeView full post »

Anniversary Giveaway!!!

Today is my one  year anniversary with my wonderful hubby, so what does that mean?  I’m in a giving mood!!  YouView full post »

Ugh, that’s no good.

So I learned on Tuesday that I have tendinitis in my right foot.  Apparently, when you sprain your ankle enough you canView full post »

10 on Tuesday

1.  If I’m MIA for a few days, forgive me!  I’m not going to be attached to my email 24/7 because I’View full post »

More albums!

So I got my THREE new sample albums in! First, let’s go back to the original one…. NOW, my flushmount, theseView full post »

10 on Tuesday

1.  Hello everyone!  I have no pictures to share yet, been busy though, but now that an event is over, I can finallyView full post »

Engagement Pictures – Sharon and Edgar

Ok Ok, so I didn’t get these done as soon as I had hoped!  I have way too much going on the past 2 weeks!  ButView full post »