Monthly Archives: July 2008

Boudoir Pictures: Tori

Last Friday afternoon, I met Tori and we took lots of pictures! I will warn you that these may be seen as a bitView full post »

What a beautiful city

So I didn’t make it all the way to the waterfront or even Millennium Park! But here’s a few pictures of theView full post »

Getting used to the Nikon.

So I went home and wandered around my house again to try and get a better feel for the Nikon. When I’ve used aView full post »

Fun in the backyard

So I decided to go out and shoot some outdoor photos with the new camera. I’m working on getting my shutterView full post »

Some Photoshopping

Isn’t it funny how Photoshop has become a verb? Kind of like google! I guess that’s what you get with anView full post »

First Post in New Blog!

Hello everyone! Since I’ve decided to embark out on my new photography adventure, I figured I would blog my wayView full post »