Suzanne and Ross

This was my last wedding of 2016 and it did not disappoint! It was so much fun and Suzanne and Ross were the sweetest! Most people would not embrace a parade being set up directly outside of the venue but we braved the cold and the fun that was the parade! And we got some pretty fun pictures out of it too!


Kristin and Frank

This was a wedding I had been waiting a long time for! You see, Kristin is an old college friend and she’s been dating Frank since then so I’ve been waiting for this day! They choose to have an intimate wedding and it was perfect especially if you know them! And I’m just going to get to the slideshow now!


Colleen and Kris

We battled looming rain clouds but they made for some pretty spectacular lighting situations! Colleen and Kris’ wedding was just lovely and at a new favorite venue, The Promontory! I hope you enjoyed this slideshow as much as I did shooting the wedding! It was truly a great celebration of family and friends for some wonderful people!

Lori and Bill

Whew, I spent the last 2 months really focused on editing and getting people their images so of course that means that the blog and such kind of fell behind (but getting images out was so much more important!) Lori and Bill’s wedding wasn’t the traditional type but it was sweet and loving (and I may have cried too but shhhh). All my clients have amazing friends and family and you can really feel the love whenever you’re in the room and Lori and Bill were no different!